Kitchen Remodeling

Cook’s Dream Kitchen Remodel in Plainfield, Indiana Custom Home

At BGW Construction, we recently had the pleasure of completing a full kitchen remodel for a lovely retired couple living in Plainfield, Indiana. When we first met with them, we could immediately tell that their existing kitchen was disconnected from their lifestyle. Their kitchen wasn’t keeping up with their needs. Creating a Functional Kitchen Space We worked …

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kitchen remodeling

Galley Style Kitchen

Project Title: Galley Style Kitchen When our clients first contacted us about their kitchen, they were a little frustrated with their original kitchen. It was small, dated, and quite frankly, not very inviting. But they loved to entertain friends and family, and didn’t want their lack of a proper kitchen to get in the way. …

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The 70’s Ranch Renovation - House Exterior

The 70’s Ranch Renovation

Project Title: The 70’s Ranch RenovationLocation: Mooresville, IN This full home renovation is a great example of how a strong design, open spaces, & clever use of material can make a house built half a century ago feel like new. The homeowner loved the location of this retro home built on 5 acres in the …

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Barth Ave 2 bright

Barth Ave. Buildout

Project Start Date: October 2017 House Build Date: 1903 This pour home had sat empty for over two years.  Left completely trashed on the inside, the foundation and front part of the house was in pretty good shape, so we decided to completely renovate it!  After assessing the damage on the back of the house, …

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Do you have the skills and knowledge it takes to turn your dream home into a reality?

Maggie’s Dream Kitchen

Sometimes you find the perfect location for a home, complete with the land you want, size of bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces…but there’s just one issue that doesn’t make it your dream home.  This was the case for Maggie and Garret, a young couple who just had their first baby.  They loved their home in …

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Water Damaged Kitchen Renovation

After a burst pipe wreaked havoc on the Stevenson home they decided a total kitchen remodel was in order.  This home had originally been built in 1938 and was due for some major updates.  We gutted the kitchen, installed new flooring and all new custom cabinets and counter tops to bring this space into the …

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The Tiny House in Zionsville

Our client’s dream was to turn the small building on their 20 acre spread to be used as an accessory building for their children and a guest house for visiting friends and family.  A small bathroom and kitchenette were musts…as well as the design elements that only BGW and Hoosier Barn Heroes can provide.  Complete with …

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