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Meet the Dream Buliding Team Members

Bobby Williams - BGW Construction LLC - Owner

BGW Owner, Bobby Williams

Born: Lakenheath, England (United Kingdom)
Raised: Plainfield, IN
Spouse: Karen
Children: Maci, Myka, KayDee & Robbie
Dogs - Duke (Boxer-Pit mix), Benelli (English Pointer), Wilbur (Cavalier King Charles), Olive (Shorkie)

Lauren Rioux

Lauren Rioux

Born - Cleveland, Ohio
Raised - All over but mostly Londonderry, New Hampshire (moved there when I was 10, but had lived in Ohio, Michigan, Georgia, and Virginia prior to NH)
Children - Raymond, Luke, Nathan, Samuel, Miles
Dogs - Holly (Black Lab) & Rio (Schipperke)

BGW Construction - Jason Schoeff

BGW Construction General Manager, Jason Schoeff

Born - Franklin, IN
Raised - Fishers, IN
Spouse - Deanna
Children - Cheaney, Quinten, Kellen & Theodore
Dogs - Annie (Chocolate Lab), Sophia Pancake (Yellow Lab), Butterscotch (Beagle)

BGW Construction - Kevin Slone

BGW Construction Project Coordinator, Kevin Slone

Born: Jeffersonville, IN
Raised: Greenwood, IN
Spouse: Nakia
Children: Ashton & Alyssa
Dog - Macy (Pit Bull)

BGW Construction Staff - Jeff Reich

Jeff Reich

Born - Evansville, IN
Raised - Evansville, IN
Spouse - Ashley
Children - Grant, Gabby, Olivia, Ava
Dogs - Dax (English Bulldog), Bear (French Bulldog)

BGW Construction Customer Ambassador, Brandon Fries

BGW Construction Customer Ambassador, Brandon Fries

Born: Indianapolis, IN
Raised:Indianapolis, IN
Spouse: Amy
Children: Matt, Ashlynn, Courtney, & Lauren
Dogs - Bella (Border Collie/Australian Shepherd Mix) & Percy (Long Haired Miniature Dachshund)

Duke the Shop Dog - BGW Construction LLC

Duke the Shop Dog

Born: unknown (rescued in Indianapolis, IN - Pit-bull/Boxer mix)
Raised: Plainfield, IN
Spouse: single
Humans: Bobby, Karen, Maci, Myka, KayDee & Robbie

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