1970s Kitchen Remodel – From Dark & Outdated to Modern & Spacious

1970s Kitchen Update - Remodeling by BGW Construction

BGW Construction in Plainfield, Indiana, embarked on an ambitious task: to refresh and modernize a dark, outdated kitchen from the 1970s. The kitchen in question, characterized by low bulkhead ceilings, dim lighting, and cheap dark cabinets, was in desperate need of renovation. But as with all good stories, this one starts with a vision and some structural engineering.

Beginning the Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen itself was small, but it held the potential for expansion. Bobby and his team decided to harvest this potential by removing an existing wall that separated the kitchen from the den/dining room area. This one decision allowed them to open up the available space significantly, effectively transforming the once cramped kitchen into a spacious area for cooking and dining.

Implementing Structural Changes

Achieving this open concept required some high-level framing and structural work, including the addition of a 30’x16” tall x 5” thick laminated beam to support the now open wall. The task was indeed challenging but with meticulous planning and execution, everything fell into place.

Lighting: A Game Changer

Next, Bobby turned his attention towards the lighting in the kitchen. Prior to the remodel, the kitchen had been dimly lit, fostering a gloomy atmosphere. Bobby aimed to change this by vaulting the ceiling and installing skylights and can lights. The result was a bright and airy kitchen flooded with natural light.

Visualizing the Future

To help the homeowners understand the transformation, Bobby provided design pictures that gave a glimpse of the finished kitchen. This helped them envision what the space would look like after the renovation and allowed them to see the potential of their 1970s kitchen before committing to the remodel.

The Result: A Modern 70s Kitchen Remodel

The result was nothing short of a miracle. The once dank and dark kitchen had been transformed into a bright, open-concept space retaining some elements of the bygone era yet exuding a modern appeal. With the structural changes in place and the new lighting system, the kitchen had finally been brought back to life.

The photos, encompassing the structural work as well as the final design, truly depict the scale of this 1970s kitchen remodel.

The effort put into this project by Bobby Williams and the BGW Construction team not only revolutionized the aesthetic of the kitchen but also enhanced its functionality, providing a modern, spacious area for the homeowners to enjoy.

It’s worth mentioning the process is not always smooth, but with a capable team like BGW Construction at the helm, unexpected hurdles can be navigated and the end result can be a beautifully renovated space reflecting the homeowner’s preferences and lifestyle.

In conclusion, this project serves as an excellent example for anyone pondering over a kitchen remodel. The transformation of this 1970s kitchen highlights the exciting possibilities that come with thoughtful renovations. It’s proof that every kitchen, regardless of its initial state, holds potential for reimagination and improvement.

If you have a kitchen that’s due for a transformation, don’t wait. Get in touch with us at BGW Construction. We’re always ready to help you unlock the potential of your space. Whether it’s a small tweak or a complete overhaul, we have the skills and vision to help bring your ideas to life.

We offer a free consultation so you can discuss your ideas and get a rough estimate of the project. We’ll help you understand the scope of the work and the budget you’ll need.

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