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There’s a wonderful feeling of nostalgia as a native Hoosier travels down a country road and takes in the Indiana horizon decorated by dozens of old barns.   Painted by the wind and stained by the snow and rain – just looking at the picture of a Hoosier Barn gives me chills.  Back in 2013, the Indianapolis Star ran an article warning Hoosiers of the current state of these treasured assets.  These barns have been left neglected because they have long outlived their usefulness in today’s world of modern agricultural equipment.  Forgotten and dilapidated, many farmers simply demolish them and burn or dump the material in order to put to good use the valuable soil underneath.

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BGW’s Hoosier Barn Heroes makes every effort to find these forgotten and decaying buildings and reclaim the material in and around them.  We cherish the handcrafted post and beam construction, and repurpose this valuable material, or rebuild the structure using Old World methods.

There is a purity and passion in what we do…we take wood that would otherwise be thrown away… wood that has had a whole other life performing some other humble duty and restore it to another grand purpose, so that these forgotten timbers can find another way to bring joy and service into the world.

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