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For over two decades, our Dream Team has been helping homeowners breathe a new life into their historic home. We perform meticulous restoration and alteration projects that enhance your home’s beauty and historical importance.

If your old home needs renovated, our team can integrate plumbing and electrical upgrades while maintaining the property’s period look. Enjoy modern comforts in your Victorian home without compromising its notable design aspects.

Our historic renovation specialists are skilled craftsmen that have mastered the art of:

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5 Things to Know About Your Historic Home

Do you have a Queen Anne Victorian historic home? What about a New England saltbox or a Craftsman bungalow? Remodeling historic homes takes planning and special care. Our historic restoration contractors will work with you to plan and restore your historic home.

Should you restore or rehabilitate your historic home? Restoring your home means you return the interior and exterior appearance to the particular time period it was built. Strict restorations will eliminate anything not from your house’s period.

Rehabilitation, on the other hand, is where you update the house and make it functional for a modern household while you retain and preserve important historic and architectural features.

Unfortunately, historic district designations, property insurance, local building codes, and other regulatory and financial considerations will have a significant impact on the level of restoring or rehabilitating your historic home.

Remodeling a Victorian home requires historical renovation knowledge due to the level of craftsmanship found in a historic home. Our historic restoration contractors can work with you to answer any questions and create a plan for your historic home.

Historic homes have many unique aspects about them. The raw materials used to build the home are usually expensive — if they can even be found. The quality of the wood used is especially difficult to replicate.

We recommend salvaging, repairing, re-purposing, and refinishing doors, moldings, paneling, and window sashes — it will preserve your historic home’s original character.

Does your historic home have an addition? If your home addition shows quality workmanship, it is likely to add value to your home. A poorly designed or executed addition — especially those that attempt to alter the home’s time period — can be removed.

If you would like to add space to your historic home, a “sympathetic” addition will not resemble your home’s original architecture — you want to be able to tell additions apart from original so your home’s history is apparent.

Your Local Old House Restoration Company!

Historical renovation requires proper planning, well-defined processes, and experience. Our historic restoration contractors are here to make restoring your old home a stress-free experience.

No two historical renovations are the same — our open communication ensures your project is a success. We will work closely with you to accommodate your budget and we strive to develop clear expectations and provide well-defined steps so everyone is on the same page.

We have a passion for period architecture, so with your dream and our experience, we can recover and restore your home’s heritage value.

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