Making Every Inch Count: How BGW Construction Transformed a Cramped Master Bathroom

Cunningham Master Bathroom Makeover in Avon, Indiana

This master bathroom was begging for a makeover. Its dark, cramped atmosphere needed to be replaced with something more inviting and luxurious. Bringing in strategic lighting, custom tile work, and a stand-alone tub transformed the space into something truly special; cleverly maximizing every inch of this newly renovated area!

The Cunningham bathroom remodel project in Avon, Indiana involved a complete bathroom renovation. The project involved new plumbing, electrical, and insulation work. The shower was reconfigured and a new freestanding tub was installed. A new vanity and tower cabinet, as well as a new quartz countertop, were also installed. The project required new flooring and new trim. The bathroom also received a fresh coat of paint.

Master Bathroom Makeover in Avon, Indiana | BGW Construction, LLC

Project Overview

  • Master bathroom remodel located in Avon, Indiana

  • The dark and cramped atmosphere transformed into a luxurious space

  • Strategic lighting, custom tile work, and a stand-alone tub

  • Maximizing every inch of the renovated area

Challenges Faced

  • Dealing with unrealistic budget expectations from HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List

  • Receiving higher-than-expected bids for the project

Master Bathroom Remodeling Solutions Offered by BGW Construction

  • A more accurate spreadsheet for cost analysis based on 2019 numbers

  • Offering 3D elevations of the space and architectural plan drawings for permitting

  • Customized design process to fit client’s needs and preferences

  • Quality materials offered in the better/best category

  • Aiming to work within clients’ budgets while maintaining high standards

Additional Services

  • Loft expansion as a separate line item or category

  • Master Bathroom Design work


Overall, this master bathroom remodel project in Avon, Indiana was a success, thanks to BGW Construction’s expertise in creating a luxurious and functional space that met the client’s expectations.

Through a transparent design process and a focus on quality craftsmanship and materials, BGW Construction transformed a cramped and dark master bathroom into an inviting private retreat. By addressing challenges such as unrealistic budget expectations and providing more accurate cost analysis, BGW Construction ensures that clients receive the best value for their investment.

If you’re considering a master bathroom remodel, trust BGW Construction to deliver exceptional results tailored to your needs and budget. Contact them today to discuss your project and experience the BGW Construction difference.

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