Speakeasy Basement Remodel

Crafting Concealment and Charm: BGW Construction’s Secret Basement Speakeasy Inspired Remodel

BGW Construction took on an exciting basement remodeling project that stretched our creativity to its limits. Tasked with a 1,200 square foot basement transformation, our client in Plainfield, IN challenged us to incorporate a hidden entrance to a gun room, complete with a sturdy metal safe door, alongside an impressive bar space for their bourbon collection. 

Embracing this unique request, our team here at BGW Construction rolled up their sleeves and crafted the slickest speakeasy reminiscent of the Prohibition era’s secretive charm. Imagine relaxing by the cozy fireplace, admiring an extensive bourbon collection displayed behind glass doors, and gathering your friends around a custom-made barrel table for an evening of unforgettable fun.

This project showcases our dedication to innovative basement remodeling and our ability to bring our clients’ most imaginative ideas to life. Whether you dream of a hidden room, a luxurious home theater, or a stylish entertainment space, let BGW Construction turn your basement into the ultimate escape.

Want to see more? Check out the full photo gallery below for even more inspiration, or take a look at our Facebook for additional project highlights!

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