Kitchen & Bath Inspiration

We love prowling the internet for examples of really great bathroom remodels, and we often end up saving them to our inspiration files to draw upon when working on new bathroom designs for our clients. We thought that keeping them stored away where nobody can see them except for us is a real waste, so we’ve done our best to sort out the ones we think would be most interesting and show them to you. First up is this lovingly restored craftsman bathroom. A lot of times, owners of historic homes will gut the interior, so that what’s inside the house has very little connection to what’s outside the house. We firmly believe that homeowners need to do whatever it takes to make their homework for them, but we love seeing a careful restoration like this. Take a look at the beautiful wood paneling, the period appropriate fixtures, and that stunning window.                   Next up is this bright, modern, minimalist bathroom. We really like how the smooth surfaces all flow together like water, making an almost uninterrupted line from beginning to end. There is very little visual distraction here, which is nice at the beginning of the day when you maybe don’t want to be visually assaulted by too much all at once. If you like gradual, slow wake up, then getting ready in this bathroom or one like it is probably a good way to start your day. Don’t miss that elegantly understated wall niche and the dark wood flooring that gives this shower a feeling somewhat like an outdoor tropical shower.                 The last bathroom for this week is this charmingly contemporary bathroom with a midcentury spin. We are in love with the stylish cabinetry, the bright light, and the clever use of space. You will always feel at home in a bathroom like this, which is both bright and cheerful while also being soothing. The leaning ladder in this bathroom is a particularly useful touch because it allows for easy, vertical storage of more towels than just a simple towel bar would. We also like that the vanity appears to be made from repurposed vintage dresser. If you are thinking about remodeling a bathroom, we’d be happy to talk with you about design options and estimates. Give us a call anytime at 317-279-4275, and one of our team members will gladly set up an appointment for you to stop by our headquarters and meet with a designer to talk about the bathroom of your dreams. We love nothing more than helping our clients build the home that truly makes them feel cozy and secure.

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