Four Clever Shade Solutions for your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Living Space - Featured Header Image by BGW Construction

Consider a Canvas Shade Sail

#1 “To reach a port, we must sail – sail, not tie at anchor – sail, not drift.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

Looking for a DIY solution? Consider a Canvas Shade Sail or two for your project. We can design your space with heavy posts that will support the tension needed to “set sail” on your patio, avoiding those brutal days when the sun bakes down on your attempt to enjoy the outdoors.

Canvas Shades - Outdoor Living

Design a Great Pergola Space

#2 “Friendship is a sheltering tree.” Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Designing a pergola space with cedar timber is a great solution to get some relief from the sun, but still see the sky. When designing these structures, we consider the direction of the sun, and the time of day our clients will most likely be using their patio to maximize shade. These days, you can even add an electrical package to your pergola giving your guests a partial roof experience much like a shade tree – only with lights and a ceiling fan.

Pergola Dining Space by BGW Construction

Build A Complete “Fam Cave” Covered Porch

#3 “Everybody likes to have a place to think, to meditate, to eat a burrito.” Sherman Alexie

There’s no doubt that a covered porch complete with an outdoor kitchen, fireplace, and/or a television is the ultimate “Fam Cave” idea – these spaces are some of our biggest client pleasers over the years. We get more feedback weeks, months, and years later from new friends telling us how much they are enjoying the porch area we built for them. It’s some of our most gratifying work…

Covered Porch by BGW Construction

Relax In A Classic Screened Porch

#4 “Happy is the house that shelters a friend.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Ahhhh…the screened porch. there’s nothing more iconic here in the Midwest – sitting out on the screened porch and watching a thunderstorm roll through with a friend. Building them to last is the trick, but we’ve been doing that for over 20 years.

Screened Porch by BGW Construction

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