Building with an Eternal Mindset … the 1,000 Year Effort


What is a home renovation, really? Let me explain with a story:  The other day, as Jason and I were working in the shop (okay, Jason was at his computer doing whatever he does for the business with his typing fingers, and I was working at the bench) when he exploded into laughter. It seems his early childhood home was up for sale. For the next 30 minutes, I was his captive audience as he went through the virtual tour of pictures, telling me childhood stories and reliving some of his best memories there.

What is it about a house that brings out such an emotional response? Jason is not an emotional guy, but he exuded sentiment as he was transported back to the days of his youth, and the memories of growing up in a small home across from Conner Prairie were as fresh as yesterday.

It was a humble little home, barely 1,500 square feet; a cute little ranch built in one of the first proper neighborhoods in the area. It had carried with it a humble price tag, soon to be purchased by a young couple excited about raising their new family … making their memories … sharing their love.

Home renovation starts in the heart

I’m lucky. I live two houses down from the home I grew up in … the one my father poured his time, effort, love, and passion into renovating for the better part of 20 years. Today, it looks better than it’s looked in years.

I live in my grandfather’s house, the one that he built with my father and many other members of our family. I have conversations with my grandfather who died more than a decade ago every time I open up a wall, or complete a room, or come up with ideas for what we want to do next. It’s amazing how intimately you get to know someone when you examine work they completed decades ago.

This is what I love about home renovation. Customers who contact BGW Construction have a vision for their home, which has already served another family for a generation. What a great opportunity we have to take something somewhat old and outdated, and make it fresh and new again.

Home renovation for today – and tomorrow

We here at BGW like to talk about building with an eternal mindset – the 1,000 year effort. We fancy ourselves as one rung on the ladder in the history of the homes we are renovating. It is our grand hope that we will build with such quality and craftsmanship that a generation from now, another contracting company will feel that the bones of our homes are worth pouring their sweat and blood into renovating again.

Before you know it, our little part of this world may have homes repurposed dozens of times – writing memories for countless families – with the hands of hundreds of craftsmen who’ve left their mark on the property. That’s what makes a home renovation a success for us here at BGW Construction.


This is from the renovation of an 1890s Victorian in Zionsville, Indiana that BGW Construction recently renovated. That is what BGW Construction is all about. We see the beauty hidden behind the crusty wallpaper, the diamond in the original design, and bring it to life serving the vision and dreams of our customers in the process. In this consumer culture where we it’s difficult to find quality, we take great pride in a finished product that, with the right kind of care, may last for 1,000 years.

Every home touches the hearts of the people who call it home. We love being a part of their story as we turn a house into a home with a home renovation in which we remodel the rooms changing wood, drywall, plaster and lath to put their own special touch on the house’s history. If you are looking for someone to help bring not just your vision to life, but to honor the history and soul of your home, contact us here at BGW Construction. It’s more than a building and construction material to us. It’s connecting yesterday with today and with all the tomorrows to come!

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